Frequently Asked Questions

Flowers and Petals are here to deliver fresh flowers and gifts to your near and dear ones. We understand that you want the flowers and gifts to be unique and nothing but the best. We have listed the frequently asked questions that our customers usually ask us. In case you do not find the answer to your questions, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

When you choose an online flowers and gifts delivery service, you do have these questions in your mind. Flowers & Petals understands your hesitancy and we are here to answer all your questions.

Read on to find out the answers to all the queries.

How do I place an order on your website?
  1. Pick the Flowers or Gifts of your choice - Just go through our selection of gifts and flowers and select the best one for your loved ones. You can browse through the occasion’s list as well. You will find flowers and gifts for every occasion whether it is someone’s birthday, anniversary or just to bring a smile on your partner’s face.

  2. Time to Purchase - You need to mention the size of the order. You can add some special goodies to the order such as a fluffy teddy bear or lots of colourful balloons. Add it to your shopping cart and proceed to pay.

  3. Processing of payment - You need to follow certain steps in order to fill out the, ‘Secure Order Form’ completely. Make sure that you complete all the required fields. You have the option to click the back button to make any changes to the order. You can edit the order before you submit it. Once you have reviewed the order, you have to click the submit button and you are done! Your order will be sent to Flowers and Petals.

Do you deliver flowers and gifts to hospitals?

Flowers and Petals have knowledgeable and efficient florists, who deliver flowers to hospitals. However, they need to follow the policies of hospitals. The hospital policies are the following –

  1. The flower delivery may not be possible, directly at the patient’s room. The flowers have to be delivered at the nursing station.
  2. There are hospitals which do not allow delivery of latex balloons and lilies due to allergic reactions. Make a wise choice and choose a different flower!
  3. Plants, fruits and flowers cannot be delivered to the Intensive Care Unit.

You can check with the hospital about their policies before placing an order on Flowers and Petals.

How do I cancel my order or modify it?

You can modify or cancel your order after it has been placed. However, it has to be within a certain timeframe before the delivery date. You would need to contact soon in order to make the required changes.

Also note that if you are emailing the details of the modified order Flowers and Petals, you would need to mention the order number or order receipt in the subject line. It is best to be precise about the order number and the changes that you need.

Can I send a bottle of wine/alcohol along with the flowers and gifts?

Yes, we can deliver alcohol to the recipients. However, there are certain restrictions which may hinder with the delivery of alcohol. The restrictions could be the following –

  • Country/state laws
  • Country/state regulations
  • Age limit
  • Country and/or State Regulations

If the delivery of alcohol is declined, it would be because of the above mentioned reasons. Our efficient florists will replace the alcohol with a gift of the same price and make your order really special. Your loved ones will surely love it! Note that there is no guarantee of alcohol delivery.

Can I choose a specific delivery time for my order?

Flowers and Petals give you the liberty to choose your preferred delivery time in AM/PM. However, it is not guarantees that the flowers and gifts will be delivered at the same time. For business, we deliver the order within 5 pm and for residences, we target with 7 pm. Our florists make sure that they deliver fresh flowers to your loved one’s doorstep. However, there can be various reasons behind the order not being delivered within the stipulated timeframe.

What is the refund policy of Flowers and Petals?

If you are not happy with the quality of flowers, you need to get in touch with our Quality team within 72 hours of the purchase. You would need to send a picture of the gift or flowers. Our team will review the quality and they will instruct the florists. The Quality team reverts within 24 hours after receiving the image of the gift and flowers.

If the recipient did not get the order delivered to their place, the money will be refunded. You need to write to us about the non delivery of flowers. We look at the cases and we either initiate a refund or we redeliver. There is always a solution at Flowers and Petals.

Refunds take 3-5 business days to reach your PayPal or credit card account. This is done after the customer is notified about it. You will either get a partial or full refund for the same. In case you have requested for a refund, there will be no cancellation charges.

Do you deliver the order on weekends or holidays?

Flowers and Petals can do same-day delivery on Saturday in Australia. You would need to place the order on Flowers and Petals before 9 am. In case it is Mother’s Day, we will be happy to send flowers on a Sunday. However, Flowers and Petals do not guarantee to deliver flowers on a Sunday. In case you prefer a Sunday delivery, you need to contact Flowers and Petals and we will find a way to do so.

Flowers and Petals cannot deliver orders on holidays. However, if you are keen to send flowers to your loved ones on a public holiday, you need to contact us before placing an order. We request you to choose a day which is not a public holiday.

What if my credit card gets declined on your system?

The order placed will not be successful in case your credit card gets declined. You will receive a mail from Flowers and Petals stating that your payment was not successful. You can contact your financial institution in case of technical issues. They will be able to guide you. Your order can be placed successfully once Flowers and Petals receives the full amount.

Are my credit cards details secure while purchasing fresh flowers or gifts on your portal?

Yes! Flowers and Petals values its customers and you can be assured that your credit card details are safe in our hands. The site uses McAfee Secure and Thawte Digital technology for the customer’s safety. All the information that is sent to us is in encrypted form.

What are the payment methods on Flowers and Petals network?

You will be pleased to know that we accept all credit cards which include Visa, American Express, Diners Club and MasterCard.

What should I do if I do not find the product I wish to buy on Flowers and Petals network?

All you need to do is contact Flowers and Petals and our representatives will be happy to help you. In case you have some specific requirements, we will cater to them. Our aim is to provide you quality products and make it a pleasurable experience to shop online on our portal. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Are there any specific areas where you cannot deliver fresh flowers and gifts?

 Please go through our Delivery Information page for details. We do not deliver flowers and gifts to Locked bag addresses and PO boxes due to the fragile nature of the flowers and gifts. If the flowers and gifts are sent to PO boxes and Locked bag addresses, they will not be as fresh and appealing!

How to check the status of my order on Flowers and Petals Network?

When you place an order on Flowers and Petals, you will see a confirmation page. The customer also gets a receipt number which they need to keep with them. You will receive an email from our end once you have placed the order. We request you to save the confirmation page and the receipt number for future reference. If you order via telephone, you can ask for the confirmation mail to be sent to your email address. It will be done without any hassles!

Are there any hidden charges for placing an order on your network?

The service fees and handling fees will be charged once you checkout to pay for the order. It is applicable on some orders and not all. In case the order placed by you, has to be redelivered then you will have to pay an extra charge. This will be in cases of wrong delivery address details or the non availability of the recipient.

NOTE that Flowers and Petals will inform you about the additional charges via email.

Can I send gourmet foodstuff or other gift items with the order?

Yes, you can! Flowers and Petals have some delectable gourmet items that you can send to your loved ones. We make sure that your order is as per your wishes. However, we do not guarantee to deliver the items. The images on our portal are just a guide for our customers. The delivery of gourmet items depends on the region that we are delivering in.

Flowers and Petals are always ready with substitutes to meet the expectations of customers.

Why is there a need for substitutes

If there are availability issues of flowers and certain baskets or gift items, our florists need substitutes. Our florists will make sure that you get the best flowers or gift items as per your expectations. They will try their best to preserve the colour scheme and quality of the product that you have chosen. It will be either of equal value or in certain cases; it will be of higher value as well. You can refer to the substitution policy for more details.

Does Flowers and Petals store the customer’s or the gift receiver’s personal information?

You can check our Privacy Police page for further information on this.

Is there a cut-off time to place an order?

If you want same day delivery from Monday to Friday, the order has to be received before 12 pm. This will qualify for same day delivery. In case the order is received after 12 pm, it will deliver successfully the following day. We make sure that the flowers are delivered to residences between 9 AM to 7 PM. Flower deliveries which are made to work addresses will be done between 9 AM to 5 PM. However, it will be extended in case of popular events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas.

There are certain locations where we cannot do same day delivery. You can contact Flowers and Petals and we will discuss the alternatives with you. Also, there are certain deliveries where one would require collecting the order from the nearest depot or town. In case you do not want the recipient to be contacted, you need to provide your contact details as the primary number.

Flowers and Petals give you the freedom to choose the preferred time. However, it is not possible to cater to this need in all cases. Our florists make the effort to deliver fresh and fragrant flowers to all the recipients. There may be local reasons in case the order cannot be delivered as per the preferred time.

If you need to send flowers for a particular timed event, our florists will make sure that it is done. You would need to contact us for further assistance. You are requested to provide another address in case the flowers are too late to be delivered for a timed event.

For same day delivery on a Saturday, you need to place the order before 9 AM. The order should be received before the stipulated time. In case we get the order after 9 AM, it will be delivered on a business day. For residences, we deliver between 9 AM and 3 PM. For Work addresses, we can deliver between 9 AM and 5 PM on a Saturday. The delivery time will be extended in case there is a special event.

In case it is a remote location, we cannot guarantee same day delivery. You need to contact us for alternative delivery options. Yes, flowers and Petals give you the liberty to choose the preferred time. However, it is not possible to cater to this need in all cases. Our florists make the effort to deliver fresh and fragrant flowers to all the recipients. There may be local reasons in case the order cannot be delivered as per the preferred time.

For a Sunday delivery or a remote location delivery, we do not guarantee same day delivery. However, our florists will try their best to make it possible in case it is an urgent need.

How should I redeem coupons and vouchers?
  1. In order to redeem the voucher or coupon, you firstly need to choose the flowers and gifts and checkout.
  2. There will be a field called Promotion code where you need to write the voucher number or promotion code.
  3. If you do not find it, proceed to checkout and enter the address of the recipient.
  4. Enter the billing information and at the end of the billing page, you will see a box which says Promotion code.
  5. Enter the voucher or coupon and select the recalculate option.
  6. You will get the discounts and you will be able to see the revised rate after the promotion code is applied. It is easy!
How do I get to know whether Flowers and Petals have received my order?

Once you place the order, you will get a confirmation page. You will also get a receipt number after the order has been placed successfully. You are required to save this page and keep the receipt number with you. You will also get an email from Flowers and Petals about the confirmation of your order. In case you are placing an order via telephone, you can ask for a confirmation mail to be sent to your email address.

What if there is any delivery problem for my order?

We understand that there can be many problems related to the recipient not being present or the incorrect details of recipient address. However, you do not need to worry because our florists will do their best to deliver fresh flowers to your loved one. In case the order has to be redelivered, there will be additional charges. You will be notified for the same. You can refer to our Terms and Conditions page for further details.

What if the recipient is not present to receive the order that I have placed?

In case the recipient is not present to receive the order, we will leave a calling card that we were here to deliver or we will give them a call. You would need to mention the contact details of the recipient. Our florists will leave it at the doorstep only if they find it safe to do so. If they are delivering at the recipient’s workplace, the florists may leave it at the reception. If you do not want us to contact the recipient, you can mention your contact details in the primary contact space.

We hope your queries were answered! Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer your queries. We are right here for you! Flowers and Petals make sure that the flowers are fresh and the customers are always happy and satisfied with our services.