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Privacy Policy

Flowers and Petals are committed to the protection of personal information of recipients and customers in compliance with the National Privacy Laws. Particularly, it is in compliant with Australian Privacy Amendment Act 2001. We maintain the integrity of the security of our customers.

Credit Card Security

You can be assured that our portal is absolutely safe and it is secured using the McAfee Secure. All the information that is sent to Flowers and Petals via the internet will be encrypted. In case there is any other user that is intercepting the communication, they will be able to see the information in encrypted form. They will be able to see it in a very garbled form which means your credit card details are safe on our site.

We have certificate technology and it gives us the freedom to decrypt this information. It allows us to see the encrypted text in plain text form. You can see the digital certificate on our website.

There is good news for those who do not trust a website’s payment page. You get redirected to a bank website in order to make the payment. You can enter the payment details on this portal. It is safe and many of our customers are satisfied with this option!

Flowers and Petals cannot see your credit card details because we do not have the information access. It is strictly your private details which we understand and respect. In a nutshell, you can trust our portal for making payments. It is highly secure and we understand that it is difficult to trust an online portal for making payments. However, you can trust Flowers and Petals website.

Substitution Policy

The images that you see on our site are only used for reference purpose or guides. It may vary in real and the final product will be slightly different. It depends on the availability and also, the price of the product.

Our florists make sure that they provide the best flowers and gifts to your loved ones. However, there are times when a certain seasonal flower is not available and the florist has to use a substitute. Your money will not go waste because he will use a substitute which is equivalent to the amount you paid. Also, the flower will be as beautiful as the one you ordered.

There are certain baskets, items or flowers which may be unavailable due to unavoidable reasons. The florists will substitute it with the right item. This is only for some orders that may not be available due to season or certain unavoidable reasons.

Translation Policy

We will leave a message for your loved one in the same language that the order was received in. However, you can ask us to translate it into another language. You can specify this in the special instructions or comments section. We will do our best to translate your special message and give it a personal touch. However, we do not guarantee this service because of accuracy. There are certain translations which require accuracy. We shall try our best! In case it is possible, we will get it done for you!

We will be happy to serve you and deliver the freshest flowers and most exquisite gifts to your near and dear ones. Our services are unmatched and we keep your contact and credit card details safe with us. You can be assured that our florists will do their best to deliver your order in time! Make sure you place the order within the stipulated time to get same day delivery. We are here to make it convenient for you to send flowers to the special people in your life. Choose us and we can guarantee you that you will be back with more requirements!