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Flowers and Petals Substitution Policy

Substitutes are much needed! When we do not find butter, we make peace with cheese. Cheese is better! Once you order from our portal, we will make sure that we provide the best flowers and gifts to your loved ones. However, there are times when certain flowers are not available. These are the season flowers which bloom and are available on certain months. What do we do in such cases? Our florists use substitutes for the same. Your money will not go waste because our florists will add flowers to your order which are equivalent to the flowers you ordered. It will be of the same price or higher price. Our florists are there to make your order special. They will make sure that the same colour scheme and style is used. We shall maintain the integrity of the order that you placed!

In case we use substitutions, our team will contact you and discuss before proceeding with the order. There are times when we will not be able to reach you through phone and at such times, we would require to proceed without consulting with you. We try not to miss an important timed event or a special occasion and so, we will do the modification on your behalf and our florists will try to make the order as appealing as the one you had ordered.

Substitutions are needed in cases when the flowers are not available in a particular season or there was a particular basket or item that you saw in the photo is not available. We will add the best substitutes and make your order super special and exquisite. You need to leave the worries behind and trust Flowers and Petals in such cases. Our florists are creative and they will do their best to make the order look the best in the world.